Monday, 10 October 2011

A lot can happen in a year.

It is over a year since my last update and what a year it has been!!!
The Roebuck family has increased by one, with Edith May being born on the 17th April 2011.

If you'd like to know about our journey into parenthood, you can read the blog written by my husband.
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Anyway, the distractions of small children aside, lets get back to Reggie and Olive.
If you cast your mind back to last summer, I had really started to get into gear with my little project.
Ideas made their way into products, the blog was started, the Folksy shop was opened and the sales were coming in. I'd even been in talks with a friend of Damian's about the possibility of selling some of my items in a high street shop.
It was all very exciting, but sadly, short lived!
The school summer break was a great time to get creative but obviously, my creative time was limited.
Upon my return to school last September I had every good intention to continue with Reggie and Olive unfortunately due to a heavy work schedule and discovering I was pregnant, Reggie and Olive regrettably fell by the wayside.

I had told myself that this would be a short "creative break".
Damian was very amused by my insistence that I would be able to get back on with designing and making during my maternity leave, both pre and post baby arrival.
I have to admit that I was a little naive about just how much of my time is taken up with caring for Edith.
I haven't had two minutes to sit down, let alone to get behind the sewing machine.

Since Edith's arrival, I have continued to have thoughts and ideas about what I want to do and make, but unfortunately they are still very much in my head.  Damian is fed up hearing 'oh I could do this and oh I could do that' because at that point, they failed to materialise.  Writing this update is a step towards getting my ideas out of my head and into reality!!!! 

Another move towards getting Reggie and Olive back up to speed is the creation of my new work space.
I am very excited by this.
If you have read Damian's blog, you might have seen that I lost my spare/work room to Edith's nursery.
I have been craving an area to make my own and I finally managed to convince Damian that we should rearrange the attic. He agreed, but only after I conceded that I would sort through my "stuff" and throw away anything I would never use.
As you can imagine, this didn't amount to much.
Much to Damian's dismay.

So, there it is.
There's still a bit more arranging to be done but it's an area I can spread out into, without the worry that its cluttering up the house and looks a mess when people visit.
This was the problem with my other cutting out/sewing area, which also doubled up as the dining room table.

So, that's about it for now.
I hope those of you who have previously supported/encouraged/purchased my work are still with me and have not abandoned me through lack of updates.
I promise to update this blog and the Facebook page more regularly (though I don't think I could do worse than one every 12 months!) and can confirm that I've already started making some new things.
I'm not going to say too much as they're still being finished but I've found inspiration from being a new Mum and hope that some of these things might be of interest to other parents.
Keep an eye out for updates as I'm planning for these new items to be ready in time for babies first Christmas.

As always, thanks for reading and your continued support.